The uniqueness of SoarnoL™ is not merely its ability to prevent the intrusion of oxygen from outside air. Because of its polar chemical nature, it does not readily absorb non-polar chemicals. This gives rise to its unique applicability in paper board packaging of liquids such as juices. In such applications, SoarnoL™ is positioned either in direct contact, or nearly direct contact, with the liquid. The EVOH layer will not absorb non-polar flavor constituents in the food (whereas polyolefin would), thereby preserving flavor and freshness.

A typical example is orange juice. Freshly squeezed orange juice contains abundant quantities of limonene, an aromatic component. Polyethylene, which is the innermost layer of an ordinary juice carton, absorbs limonene, thereby degrading the flavor of the freshly squeezed juice. But producing a laminate with SoarnoL™ as the innermost layer prevents the absorption of limonene and enables the essential flavor of the orange juice to be preserved for long periods of time. It also prevents oxidation of the vitamin C in the juice, enabling the flavor and freshness to be further preserved. In this way, the oxygen barrier property of SoarnoL™ and its anti-absorption (anti-scalping) property are combined to deliver a unique solution for this package.

Sample Applications

  • Extrusion Coating

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