SoarnoL™ EVOH

SoarnoL™ EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer) is a world renown gas and hydrocarbon barrier resin used in multilayer barrier packaging.

It is produced in North America at NIPPON GOHSEI’s manufacturing facility, Noltex L.L.C., located in La Porte, TX. Additional SoarnoL™ EVOH manufacturing facilities are located in Mizushima, Japan and Hull, UK.

Together with it’s sister company, MSI Technology L.L.C., which provides both tie layer adhesives and peelable sealants to the marketplace, Soarus is better able to meet its customer’s coextrusion and packaging needs.

Nichigo G-Polymer™

Nichigo G-Polymer™ is the first of its kind water soluble, biodegradable, extrudable, and reactive vinyl alcohol resin. Applications include gas barrier packaging, protective colloids for emulsion polymerization, water-soluble extrusions and molding, and dispersants.


GOHSENX™ is a line of advanced polyvinyl alcohol resins which have been modified for a variety of special functions. Its water resistance or excellent dispersion properties are examples of characteristics that conventional PVOH do not possess.