GOHSENX™ LW is a low saponification hydrophilic PVOH that is also compatible with alcohols. So far, low saponification PVOHs, (35 to 60 mol% saponification), have been used in diverse applications including hot melt resins, dispersing auxiliaries for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride, adhesives, coating agents, binders and pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Low saponification PVOHs are usually water insoluble, which is a disadvantage, limiting ease of handling and the scope of applications. In contrast, GOHSENX™ LW has hydrophobicity associated with low saponification PVOHs, but can be handled in the form of an aqueous solution.

Grades List

Product Grade Saponification Degree (mol%) Viscosity*1(mPa.s) Product Form Applications
LW-100 39.0-46.0 500-2,500 39 ~ 41% aqueous solution Dispersing auxiliary for suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride, Adhesives, Binder, Anchor coating agent
*1: Viscosity of 39-41% aqueous solution at 25 degree C


Secondary Suspension Agent for Polyvinyl Chloride Polymerization

By using GOHSENX™LW series as secondary suspension agent for polyvinyl chloride polymerization, it’s possible to improve the properties of PVC resins.

  • Good efficiency
  • Less foaming
  • Higher porosity
  • Higher absorption of plasticizers
  • Fewer fish eyes
  • Elimination of residual VCM
PVC Polymerization Result

Coating Agent
GOHSENX™ LW products have, in their molecular structure both a hydrophilic portion. They can be dissolved in or absorb water, and various polar organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethylene glycol and DMSO.

Solubility / Liquid Absorption Properties of GOHSENX™ LW
Solvent Solvent Solubility Parameter Dissolubility/liquid Absorption Property
(cal · cm-3)1/2 LW-100
n-hexane 7.4 C
Cyclohexane 8.2 C
1,1,1-trichloroethane 8.5 C
Toluene 8.9 C
Methyl ethyl ketone 9.0 B
Cyclohexanone 9.3 B
Tetrahydrofuran 9.3 B
Trichloroethylene 9.4 B
Acetone 9.7 B
1,2-dichloroethane 9.9 B
Pyridine 10.6 A
Acetonitrile 11.8 B
Ethanol 12.9 B
DMSO 13.0 A
Methanol 14.5 A
Ethylene glycol 14.5 A
A: fully dissolved, B: almost dissolved, C: virtually not absorbing liquid
Product Grade Saponification Degree (mol%) Tg (degree C) water 0% Tg (degree C) 20 degree C 65% RH
LW-100 43.1 -0.5 -13.4
Measuring conditions: Measurement with DSC (temperature increase/decrease rate: 10 degree C/min
Effluent Water Loads of GOHSENX™ LW
Product Grade COD (mg/kg)x 104 BOD5 (mg/kg)x 102
LW-100 80 110
Corn starch 36 7,400

  1. Measuring conditions: COD (Mw) JIS K0102-17 (1998)
    BOD5 JIS K0102-21/32.3 (1998)
  2. Measurement: Registration No. of measurement certification enterprise, Osaka No. 10013, KK Osaka Environmental Technology Center

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