Technical Specification
Product Grade Saponification Degree ( mol % ) Viscosity ( mPa•s ) Product Form
LW-200 46.0 ~ 53.0 500 ~ 2000 39 ~ 41% aqueous solution
NOTE 1) Viscosity of 39-41% aqueous solution at 25 degree C

The Trend of Cloud Points of GOHSENX LW at Various Resin Concentrations in an Aqueous Solution

Cloud points in aqueous solution were evaluated between 5% – 40% PVOH content. Each test run was performed using an integrating-sphere turbidimeter (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.), with a temperature increase rate of 1 degree C/min, thereby the temperature at which coagulation/precipitation of poval started in aqueous solution was measured.

The State of GOHSENX LW Solution
The dependency of the state of the solution (whether or not precipitation occurs) on the concentration was measured by allowing aqueous GOHSENX LW solution to stand at 30 degree C.

Although the results somewhat vary depending on the saponification degree of the sample, the aqueous GOHSENX LW solution remains stable through a relatively high concentration range. However, the lower the concentration in aqueous solution, the more prone it is to precipitation.
Dependency on Resin Concentration with Aqueous GOHSENX LW Solution being Allowed to Stand at 30 degree C

The Trend of Viscosity in Water or Methanol
Using a Brookfield viscometer, the variation in viscosity was measured with 40% aqueous solution and 40% methanol solution kept at 25 degree C and was evaluated.

Solubility/Liquid Absorbing Property
GOHSENX LW products have, in their molecular structure both a hydrophilic portion and a hydrophobic portion. They can be dissolved in or absorb water, and various polar organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethylene glycol and DMSO.

Solubility/Liquid Absorption Properties of GOHSENX LW
Solvent Solvent Solubility Parameter (cal•cm-3)1/2 Dissolubility/liquid Absorption Property
n-hexane 7.423 ×
Cyclohexane 8.182 ×
1,1,1-trichloroethane 8.544 ×
Toluene 8.907 ×
Methyl ethyl ketone 9.038 Ο
Cyclohexanone 9.255 Ο
Tetrahydrofuran 9.317 Ο
Trichloroethylene 9.35 Ο
Acetone 9.712 Ο
1,2-dichloroethane 9.910 Ο
Pyridine 10.58  
Acetonitrile 11.80 Ο
Ethanol 12.9 Ο
DMSO 13.0  
Methanol 14.5  
Ethylene glycol 14.5  
NOTE   : fully dissolved Ο: almost dissolved Δ: swollen (absorbs liquid) ×: virtually not absorbing liquid
GOHSENX LW exhibits dissolubility or liquid absorbing properties with solvents (SP value range of 23.4 to 8.5) such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, ethylene glycol and DMSO.
Product Grade Saponification Degree mol% Tg ( degree C) water 0% Tg ( degree C) 20 degree C,65% RH Tm ( degree C)
LW-100 43.1 -0.5 -13.4
LL-810 47.3 42.9 NA


1) Measuring conditions: Measurement with DSC (temperature increase/decrease rate: 10 degree C/min)


2) LL-02 is an unmodified low saponification PVOH (polymerization degree: approx. 250)

Effluent Water Loads of GOHSENX LW
Product Grade COD (mg/kg)×104 BOD5 (mg/kg)×10S2
LW-100 80 110
GOHSENOL (generic PVOH) 60 ~ 100 50 ~ 100
Corn starch 36 7,400



Measuring conditions: COD (Mw) JIS K0102-17 (1998)
BOD 5   JIS K0102-21/32.3 (1998)



Measurement: Registration No. of measurement certification enterprise, Osaka No. 10013, KK Osaka Environmental Technology Center

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