• Powerful dispersant of organic or inorganic materials. Suitable for dispersant of dye and developer for thermal recording paper.
  • Excellent emulsifying power and protective colloid properties.
  • In acrylic or styrene emulsion form, it is capable of stable emulsification polymerization unachievable with standard PVOH. The GOHSENX™-based emulsion boasts excellent stability and has various additional features.

Grades List

Product Grade Saponification Degree (mol%) Viscosity*1 (mPa.s) pH Applications
L-3266 86.5-89.0 2.3-2.7 5.0-7.0 Dispersant of dye and developer for thermal recording paper, Emulsifier for Acrylic-Em and PVAc-Em
CKS-50 Min 99.0 2.5-3.0 5.0-6.5
*1: Viscosity of 4% aqueous solution at 20 degree C
*2: 4% aqueous solution


Dispersant of Dye and Developer for Thermal Recording Paper

GOHSENX™ L is well used for Dispersant of dye and developer for thermal recording paper thanks to following features.

  • Easy to prepare fine particles in a short time
  • Superior in stability of the dispersion
  • To improve image of resolution and stability of the whiteness
  • Superior in antifoaming property

Emulsifier for Acrylic Emulsion Synthesis

GOHSENX™ L enables the polymerization of acrylic emulsion which is not achieved by general PVOH. The achieved emulsion has good stability, high adhesive strength, excellent dry film performances.

Example Test Result of Emulsion Polymerization
Monomer ratio (MMA/BA, wt%) 55/45 (Tg: 11 degree C)
Emulsifier (%/monomer) GOHSENX™ L-3266
Emulsion properties Solid Content (wt%) 46
Viscosity (mPa.s) 25 degree C, 60rpm 1,100
Particle size (nm) 120


  • Emulsification polymerization
  • Monomer concentration (%): 42
  • Polymerization initiator (%/whole system): 5% Ammonium peroxodisulfate aq./10% t-butyl hydroperoxide aq.=1.8/0.4
  • Duration of pre-emulsion dropping: 3 hours
  • Polymerization temperature: 75 degree C

Dissolution Method

GOHSENX™ L is charged into room temperature water slowly in small amounts, and thoroughly dispersed. The water is heated, with constant stirring, the temperature is kept at 80 to 90 degree C for 30 to 60 minutes.

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