• Its excellent membrane forming capability allows a resilient, transparent membrane to be formed.
  • Its aqueous solution selectively adsorbs negatively charged matter (natural fiber, pulp, etc.).
  • Excellent emulsifier and dispersant behaviour due to surface activity and protective colloid properties. Resulting emulsions will have selective adsorption properties.
  • Its aqueous solution behaves as a polymer electrolyte, and forms an ion complex in conjunction with an anionic water-soluble resin.
Technical Specification of GOHSENX K
Product Grade Saponification Degree
( mol% )
( mPa•s )
K-434 85.5 – 88.0 18.0 – 22.0 Dispersant, emulsifier, ink jet recording paper
a) Viscosity of 4% aqueous solution at 20 degree C

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