• Its excellent membrane forming capability allows a resilient, transparent membrane to be formed.
  • It aqueous solution selectively absorbs negatively charged matter (natural fiber, pulp, etc).
  • Excellent emulsifier and dispersant behavior due to a surface activity and protective colloid properties. Resulting emulsions will have selective adsorption properties.
  • Its aqueous solution behaves as a polymer electrolyte, and forms an ion complex in conjunction with an anionic water-soluble resin.

Grades List

Technical Specification of GOHSENX™ K
Product Grade Saponification Degree (mol%) Viscosity*1 (mPa.s) pH*2 Applications
K-434 85.5-88.0 18.0-22.0 5.0-7.0 Dispersant, Emulsifier for PVAc-Em, Ink jet redording paper, Drilling fluid control agent, Coating agent, Water soluble film
*1: Viscosity of 4% aqueous solution at 20 degree C
*2: 4% aqueous solution


Swelling Inhibitor for Clay
Preventing clay swelling during drilling process, which leads to improve clay recovery ratio.

Behaves as an emulsifier and dispersant having surface activity and protective colloid properties. Achieved emulsion obtains
selective adsorption properties to negatively charged matter (natural fiber, pulp, etc.)

Dissolution Method

GOHSENX™ K is charged into room temperature water slowly in small amounts, and thoroughly dispersed. The water is heated, with constant
stirring, the temperature is kept at 80 to 90 degree C for 30 to 60 minutes.

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