Grade and Specifications

EG Grade and specification
Product Grade Saponification Degree (mol%) Viscosity (mPa•s) Sodium Acetate (%) JPE. USP.EP
EG-05P 86.5 ~ 89.0 4.8 ~ 5.8 0.15 or less   Ο
EG-05 86.5 ~ 89.0 4.8 ~ 5.8 0.15 or less Ο  
a) 4% aqueous solution

Applications by Grades

Cosmetics Base resin for face-pack; lotion, cream
Pharmaceuticals binder, suspending agent, cataplasm
Electrical/electronic Fluorescent material binder, illuminant binder
Ceramics Fine ceramic binder
Others Enzyme fixing carrier, biochemical raw material, gel raw material for regeneration medicine

Dissolution and Storage

Dissolving GOHSENOL EG

GOHSENOL EG is charged into room temperature water in small amounts while stirring to disperse. The water is heated, and with constant stirring, kept at 80 to 90 degree C for 30 to 60 minutes.


Avoid storage in tanks or pipes that readily rust.

Comparison of Effluent Water Loads of Water Soluble Polymer
Polymer COD(mg/l) BOD5(mg/l)
GOHSENOL EG-40 89 180
Corn Starch 36 7400
Measuring conditions: Sample concentrations mean pure material concentrations.
COD was measured by potassium permanganate method (JIS K 0102), and BOD5 means the BOD value of over 5 days.
Measurement: Registration No. of measurement certification enterprise, Osaka No. 10013, KK Osaka Environmental Technology Center

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