Stricter air pollution regulations have caused the automotive industry to look for ways of reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from automobiles. This has prompted the automotive industry to move away from metal fuel tanks to multilayer plastic tanks using EVOH.

High density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as the primary material in plastic fuel tanks (PFT). However, with HDPE alone, it is not possible to prevent the rapid permeation of gasoline (a volatile organic compound) from the tank to the outside air. Because of its unique polar chemical composition, SoarnoL™ exhibits excellent barrier to hydrocarbons such as gasoline. Thereby the coextrusion of HDPE with SoarnoL™ resolves this problem. SoarnoL™ provides design flexibility to the automotive industry and is helping to reduce VOC emissions.

Newer applications along this line include the use of SoarnoL™ in various coextruded small engine tanks and portable fuel cans.

  • Portable Gas Can

  • Plastic Fuel Tank

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