SoarnoL™ does not merely extend the shelf life of food products. Its outstanding oxygen barrier properties are used in non-food applications as well. Floor heating pipes that were once made primarily of metal are now increasingly being replaced by plastics. However, polybutene(PB), cross-linked polyethylene(XPE) and other monolayer pipes easily allow oxygen to permeate through them, causing corrosion to the metal parts in pumps and boilers by the oxygenated hot water. SoarnoL™ EVOH, with its excellent oxygen barrier properties, prevents such deterioration under hot water conditions so as to comply with standards such as the German DIN 4726 standard (which calls for hot water pipes to function for 50 years with no degradation in performance).

We have developed two high barrier SoarnoL™ specialty grades, D2908HB and DC3205HB, for under floor pipe applications. These grades are designed for maximum longevity as shown below.

Sample Applications

  • Pipes

  • Water Pipes

  • Under Floor Heating Pipes

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