Water soluble nonwoven fabric with Nichigo G-Polymer™

  • High water-solubility in low temperature water
  • Chemical resistance
  • Solvent resistance ( High hydrophilic )
  • Bio-degradability
  • Meltspinning and spunbond method are efficient production method

Since monofilaments have low strength, use in multicomponent spinning is suitable. Please consider the following points related to monofilaments.

  1. Textiles could adhere to each other when rolled up.
  2. Use a spinning oil with the lowest water content possible.

Recommended Grades

Melting Point*1
180 deg C

55 deg C

23 g/10min

Easily dissolving type , Pellet form

*1: Measured with DSC, both heating and cooling speeds of 10 deg C/min
*2: Measured with Melt Indexer (200 deg C, 2160g)

The numbers above are sample values, not guaranteed values.

Water Solubility

Nichigo G-Polymer™ nonwoven fabric perfectly dissolve in water quickly.

Complete Dissolution Time (sec)
5 deg C 20 deg C 40 deg C
40 15 7

In 2L of water
Agitation: 300rpm
Sample size: 6×3.8cm
Fabric density: 40 g/m2

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