High gas barrier bottles with Nichigo G-Polymer™

  • By using Nichigo G-Polymer™ as a middle layer, multilayer bottles with high gas barrier performance can be made.
  • Nichigo G-Polymer™ has excellent adhesion to co-PET, making adhesive resin unnecessary. Even for multilayer bottles with co-PET, there is also the possibility to control delamination without adhesive resin.
  • When co-PET is collected and put through the process of pulverization and cleaning, the co-PET recycling rate can be improved by removing only the co-PET thanks to Nichigo G-Polymer™’s good water solubility.
  • Layer composition examples
    • co-PET/Nichigo G-Polymer™/co-PET
    • co-PET/Nichigo G-Polymer™/co-PET/Nichigo G-Polymer™/co-PET
  • As an adhesive resin, maleic anhydride modified PO can be use

Recommended Grades

Melting Point *1
190 deg C

71 deg C

4.0 g/10min

0.4 cc * 30 μm / m2 *day*atm

Standard type, Pellet form

Melting Point *1
185 deg C

71 deg C

3.5 g/10min

0.4 cc * 30 μm / m2 *day*atm

Flexibility type, Pellet form

Melting Point *1
180 deg C

71 deg C

2.0 g/10min

1.2 cc * 30 μm / m2 *day*atm

High flexibility type, Pellet form

The numbers above are sample values, not guaranteed values
*1: Measured with DSC, both heating and cooling speeds of 10 deg C/min
*2: Measured with Melt Indexer (210 deg C, 2160g)
*3: Measured at 23 deg C / 65%RH

Oxygen permeability

Co-PET multilayer bottles with Nichigo G-Polymer™ as a middle layer have high gas barrier performance that is 3 times that of single layer co-PET bottles.

Furthermore, by placing a Nichigo G-Polymer™ layer on the outside, gas barrier performance that is 50 times higher can be achieved.

Layer structure of bottle cc/bottle day air
(inner) co-PET/Nichigo G-Polymer™/co-PET(outer) = 350/40/350/(μm) 0.014
(inner) co-PET/Nichigo G-Polymer™/co-PET(outer) = 600/40/100/(μm) <0.001
co-PET =740/(μm) 0.05

Nichigo G-Polymer™ BVE8049P
[Bottle form]
Content capacity: 500 ml Surface area: 404 cm2
[Measurement conditions]
Outside: 23 degree C, 50% RH air, Inside: 23 degree C, 100% RH

Adhesive strength

PET layer Middle layer Adhesion (180° peel test) mN/mm
co-PET1) Nichigo G-Polymer™ 300
co-PET1) EVOH 32mol% 0

Nichigo G-Polymer™: BVE8049P
1) Novapex IG226S made by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Sample layer composition: co-PET/middle layer/co-PET (40/20/40um)

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