Emulsification Applications With Nichigo G-Polymer™

Emulsification polymerization with acrylic monomers using Nichigo G-Polymer™ is now possible,which had been difficult with PVOH.In emulsification polymerization of acrylic monomers, in addition to the graft reaction, Nichigo G-Polymer™ functions as an emulsification stabilizer and has the outstanding stability and special film attributes characteristic of protective colloid-type emulsions (Em).

Features of emulsions that use Nichigo G-Polymer™

Acrylic emulsions that use Nichigo G-Polymer™ have the following features.

  • Stable emulsification polymerization is possible with a wide range of monomer compositions
  • Excellent mechanical stability, chemical stability, pigment mixture stability, freezing and melting stability, and low temperature viscosity stability
  • Strong adhesion with hydrophilic materials
  • Forms tough films with excellent solvent resistance
  • Water resistance can be increased when used with crosslinking agents
  • Possible to manufacture powder emulsions that can be re-emulsified

Recommended Grades

Recommended Grades

Saponification Degree
Min 98.0 mol%

3.0 mPa.s

Standard type, Powder form

The numbers above are sample values, not guaranteed values
*1: Viscosity of 4% aqueous solution at 20 deg C

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