Paper Processing with GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™

GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ have been widely used as a paper surface treating resin. As each grade has distinct characteristics, it is possible to give paper different specific functions by choosing the appropriate GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ grade. Because of its excellent binding and dispersion characteristics, GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ fully exhibits its effects without reducing effects intrinsic to combined additives.

Expected Effects

  • Improved strength

    • Surface strength (printability)
    • Z-axis strength (strength within paper layer)
    • Folding resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
  • Improved smoothness
  • Improved surface gloss
  • Improved oil resistance and solvent resistance (barrier property)

Recommended Grades

Applications Properties Recommended Grades of GOHSENOL™ and GOHSENX™
Base stock for Coated Paper Blister strength, Z-axis strength, fluidity T-330H, N-300
Base stock for Photographic Paper Paper strength, size degree T-330H, N-300
Flameproof Paper Bonding strength, compatibility, mold-release property T-330H, N-300
Currency Paper Folding strength, paper strength T-330H, N-300
Release Paper Barrier property (solvent resistance) T-350, T-330, GH-17R, N-300
Base Stock for Cup Barrier property, bonding strength T-350, T-330
Liner Surface strength, scuffing prevention, surface gloss, mold-release property N-300
White Board Paper Surface strength, scuffing prevention, surface gloss, mold-release property N-300
Thermal Recording Paper Dye dispersing property L-3266, GL-03
Bonding property GL-05
Water resistance, plasticizer resistance Z-200, Z-100, Z-300, Z-410, T-350, T-330
Ink Jet Recording Paper Glossy appearance, ink absorbing property, weather resistance, ink fixing property K-434, Z-320, NK-05R
Oil Resistance Paper for Food Packaging Oil Resistance, Safety T-350, T-330, T-330H

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