Applications by Grades

GOHSENX has been widely used as a paper surface treating resin. As each grade has distinct characteristics, it is possible to give paper different specific functions by choosing the appropriate GOHSENX grade. Because of its excellent binding and dispersion characteristics, GOHSENX fully exhibits its effects without reducing effects intrinsic to combined additives.

Expected Effects

  • Improved strength

    • Surface strength (printability)
    • Z-axis strength (strength within paper layer)
    • Folding resistance
    • Abrasion resistance
  • Improved smoothness
  • Improved surface gloss
  • Improved oil resistance and solvent resistance (barrier property)


Application Properties PVOH Grades
1.Coating process
Base stock for coated paper
Base stock for photographic paper
Flameproof paper
Currency paper
Release paper
Base stock for cup
White board
Blister strength, Z-axis strength, fluidity
Paper strength, size degree
Bonding strength, compatibility, mold-release property
Folding strength, paper strength
Barrier property (solvent resistance)
Barrier property, bonding strength
Surface strength, scuffing prevention, surface gloss, mold-release property
Surface strength, scuffing prevention, surface gloss, mold-release property
T-330H, N-300
T-330H, N-300
T-330H, N-300, P-7000 SERIES
T-330H, N-300
T-350, T-330, GH-17, N-300
T-350, T-330, P-7000 SERIES
N-300, P-7000 SERIES
2.Interior process
Interlaminar bonding
Crepe paper (dryer bonding)
3. Special surface treatment
Thermal recording paper
Ink jet recording paper
Dye dispersing property
Bonding strength
Water resistance, plasticizer resistance
Gloss, ink absorbing property, weather resistance, ink fixing property
L-3266, GL-03
NM-11, GL-05
Z-200, T-350, T-330
WO-320R, K-434, Z

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