Adhesive and Binder

GOHSENOL™ has been widely used as an adhesive and/or binder having the following properties:

  1. Excellent adhesion
  2. The property of improving initial adhesion and drying speeds combined with a filler such as clay
  3. Excellent resistance to oil and plasticizers
  4. Excellent film strength

Additionally, G-type GOHSENOL™ is excellent in remoistening adherence.

Recommended Grades

Product Type Specific Applications Recommended Grades of GOHSENOL™ and GOHSENX™
General Adhesive Office glue, Paper processing (Bag making, Paper band, Pasted paper N-300, GH-20, GH-17R
Remoistening Adhesive Stamp, Wallpaper, Label GH-17R, GL-05, GL-03, KH-17
Adhesive Modifier Plywood adhesives (Urea melamine resin) T-330, T-330S
Civil Engineering/Building Mixture Cement, Mortar, Gypsum board Gypsum plaster T-330S, GH-20S
Inorganic Binder Ferrite, Zirconium, Alumina Ceramic, Chinaware, Refractory brick, Agricultural chemical pellet, Compost, Composite fertilizer N-300, GH-17R, GL-05, GL-05S, EG-05, EG-40
Specialty Products Metal surface treatment, Synthetic leather KH-20, KL-05, GL-05

Films and Molded Products

From GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ two kinds of film, water-soluble and hardly water-soluble, can be obtained. They are widely used for packaging not only textile products but also chemicals, foodstuffs, soaps, agricultural chemicals, and dyes, or as a release film for the molding of unsaturated polyesters.
From GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ are also used for molding various products, which require such characteristics intrinsic to PVA as high tensile strength, organic solvent resistance, and gas impermeability.


GOHSENOL™ EG is used as a chief raw material for cosmetic packs like face masks. GOHSENOL™ EG is often added to into cosmetic soaps and cosmetic creams as a thickening agent.


GOHSENOL™ EG has been used as an excipient for capsules and ointments.

Soil Conditioning and Erosion Prevention

GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ can be used for the aggregation of field and horticultural soils, erosion prevention of sloping grounds, and growth promotion of lawn grass, runoff prevention, and soil stabilization.

Raw Material for Various Derivatives

GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ are used as a raw material of acetal resins such as butyral resin, and photosensitive resins such as polyvinyl cinnamate or in graft polymerization. Please refer to the GOHSENX™ and GOHSENOL™ application catalogue compiled for each representative application for more specific details.

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