Oil & Gas Application with GOHSENX™ AND GOHSENOL™

GOHSENX™ AND GOHSENOL™ has different unique characteristics and properties from each grade, so they can be used for various applications of oil & gas industry.

Recommended Grades


  • GOHSENX™ OKS-5081 is a high swellable PVOH which has excellent water absorption and retention property.
  • It’s suitable for oil & gas application such as diverting agent, loss circulation material and water shut-off agent, etc.

Test condition
Temperature: 23 degree C
Solvent: Water

GOHSENX™ K-434 is a cationic modified PVOH which has adsorption property to clay. It works well as a swelling inhibitor for clay during drilling process, which leads to improve clay recovery ratio.

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