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Applications for Films

Ensuring high performance and quality

Approximately half of the applications of SoarnoL™ involve its use in packaging films for meat, cheese, and other foods. Food packaging films continue to demand improved mechanical properties and higher barrier performance. It is the resolution of these requirements that has been the focus in our SoarnoL™ resin development aimed at film. Below are grades from the SoarnoL™ standard grade product line recommended for film. They are manufactured with unique technologies that provide excellent mechanical and barrier properties along with excellent thermal stability during processing. Excellent thermal stability means producing films of the highest quality, namely films with very low gel content.

Certain SoarnoL™ specialty grades have been developed specifically for more demanding film applications. These include flex-crack resistance grades for bag-in-box use, and retortable SoarnoL™ grades designed to reduce whitening and delamination phenomena for boil & retort applications. These are shown below. Please contact us for more information on other specialty film grades.

We will continue to evolve the SoarnoL™ product line as new challenges in the film packaging market develop.


Sample Applications

Fresh meat, processed meat, cheese, fish, ham and sausage, soups, vegetable pastes, coffee beans, pickled vegetables, sweets, etc.

Recommended Grades

Soarus provides grade recommendations for barrier properties, mechanical properties, and processing performance that match customer applications.

Standard Grades

  Ethylene Content
OTR (at 20 deg C,65%R.H.)
[cc 20µm/]
MFR(at 210 deg C(*),2160g)
DT2904 29 0.2 3.8  
DC3203 32 0.3 3.2  
ET3803 38 0.7 4.0  
AT4403 44 1.5 3.5  

Special Grades

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