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Applications for Extruded Tubes

Ensuring product quality

SoarnoL™ is commonly used in barrier tube applications such as toothpaste, cosmetics, glues and caulks. In these applications SoarnoL™ serves as a barrier not only to oxygen but also various hydrocarbons (e.g. flavors and fragrances).

SoarnoL™'s ability to prevent oxidation of the oils that are components of cosmetics, and to preserve other aromatic components, is expanding the use of SoarnoL™ as a barrier material in this application. In addition, SoarnoL™ exhibits almost no decomposition gases during extrusion, which ensures that cosmetic properties are not compromised by the presence of undesirable odors coming from decomposition of the resin itself.


Recommended Grades

  Ethylene Content
OTR (at 20 deg C,65%R.H.)
[cc 20µm/]
MFR(at 210 deg C(*),2160g)
DC3203 32 0.3 3.2  
ET3803 38 0.7 4.0  
A4412 44 1.5 12  
(*):210deg C(410deg F)

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