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Applications for Blow Molded Bottles

Excellent processability and excellent organoleptic properties

SoarnoL™ is used in many products that are indispensable parts of our daily life. For over 30 years, SoarnoL™ has been used as a barrier layer in coextruded bottles. Prior to SoarnoL™, foods such as ketchup and mayonnaise could not be packaged in plastic bottles due to their sensitivity to oxygen. Therefore, only glass bottles and jars could be used. Due to the excellent oxygen barrier properties of SoarnoL™ the transition of such products from glass to plastic has been made possible. In addition, the dependable processability of SoarnoL™ makes it suitable for bottle manufacture.

Also, SoarnoL™'s excellent organoleptic properties make it the EVOH of choice for bottle applications where the EVOH is the food contact layer.


Sample Applications

Mayonnaise, ketchup, cooking oil, sauces, baby foods, cosmetic bottles, agrichemical bottles, etc.

Other Features

As an exterior layer: high surface luster, good scratch resistance, oil resistance, antistatic properties, printability. Good pinch-off properties due to high melt tension.

Recommended Grades

  Ethylene Content
OTR (at 20 deg C,65%R.H.)
[cc 20µm/]
MFR(at 210 deg C(*),2160g)
DT2904 29 0.2 3.8  
DC3203 32 0.3 3.2  
ET3803 38 0.7 4.0  
AT4403 44 1.5 3.5  
(*):210deg C(410deg F)

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