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Nichigo G-Polymer



  • Since this is a fine powder, use rubber gloves, dust masks, protective eyewear and other protective gear when handling it in order to protect skin and eyes
  • When handling large amounts of it, install dust collection equipment. In addition, since there is a danger of dust explosions occurring from ignition caused by static electricity sparks, use grounding equipment and conductive dust filtration cloth and take other countermeasures.
  • Store in a place where it will not be dampened by rain, for example, because it could dissolve. Moreover, because it can easily harden into blocks if it absorbs moisture, avoid storing it in hot and humid conditions.



  • Add to room temperature water as you stir it and mix it thoroughly. Raise the temperature as you stir it to 80-90oC and dissolve it for 30-60 minutes
  • The formation of undissolved powder can result in unstable solution. In order to prevent the occurrence of undissolved lumps when adding the polymer, observe the following precautions.
  1. Use room-temperature water. (Do not use warm water.)
  2. Stir thoroughly as you add the polymer gradually.


  • We provide a casting grade of Nichigo G-Polymer that has water content of less than 0.5 wt%, in a moisture-resistant package, so there is no need to pre-dry it before casting.
  • Nichigo G-Polymer is an absorbent resin. If its package is left open for a long period of time, it could absorb moisture and this could result in foaming at the time of casting. Use heat-sealing to hermetically seal the package for storage.
  • We do not recommend redrying, because it could cause yellowing, F.E., etc.
  • To the greatest extent possible, avoid leaving Nichigo G-Polymer in processing equipment. Doing so could result in foaming and gelification. When stopping processing, purge it with LDPE or LLDPE. Consider approximately 20 minutes to be the maximum amount of time that it should be left in equipment.



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