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Applications - Solution Coating Film

Solution coating film

By coating substrate with a G-Polymer aqueous solution, high gas barrier performance can be achieved.


Recommended grades

*1 : 4% aqueous solution at 20℃
*2 : Measured by DSC
*3 : 23℃ 65%RH
The numbers above are sample values, not guaranteed values.

Recommended coating conditions

Image of Nichigo G-Polymer based emulsion particle

  • Solvent: water or water/alcohol (e.g. water/ethanol with ethanol 50wt% or less)
  • Solution concentration: 5-15% (according to coating equipment, desired coat thickness and line speed)
  • Drying temperature: 70-120oC

In order to assure adhesion, we recommend the use of substrate film that has undergone corona treatment.
In addition, use of an anchor coating agent is also effective to enhance wetting and adhesion.

Oxygen permeability

G-Polymer: OKS-8049
23oC PET/resin = 25/3μ

Recommended anchor coating agents

【Anchor coating agents】

【Adhesive strength】


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